Bookfest@Singapore 2013

Bookfest@Singapore 2013 (

Special Appearances by Overseas and Local Celebrities and Authors
14 December (Saturday),
Hu Juan Juan – Book-sign and Cooking Demonstration
Hu Juan Juan will stage a cooking demonstration and show us how to cook up a delicious meal.

14 December (Saturday),
Cao Xuanbin – Fan-sign event
A noted composer for various singers like Wang Leehom, Show Luo and Jam Hsiao, Cao Xuanbin has finally produced his own album, and will be down for a fan-sign event.

14 December (Saturday),
Chen Feng – Meet & Greet, Book-sign event
Malaysian radio host Chen Feng will share his experience being in the broadcast industry for 22 years.

14 December (Saturday),
Qi Ba Dao - Meet & Greet, Book-sign event
Taiwanese celebrated director of hit movie You are the Apple of My Eye will share what’s up for the coming year.
15 December (Sunday),

16 December (Monday),
Wang Ming Yong - Meet & Greet, Book-sign event
Taiwanese nutritionist Wang Ming Yong will share various detox methods to cleanse the body.
17 December (Tuesday),
Gempak Starz X-Venture Series Comic Artists - Wilson Lew & Samu
X-Venture Mini workshop: To teach children how to draw comic characters/ dinosaur/ animal.

17 December (Tuesday),
Professor Zhou Zhihui – Food at Ease
Professor Zhou Zhihui will give an informative talk on choosing the right food for a healthy and clean body.

17 December (Tuesday),
Luo Yi Ming - Meet & Greet, Book-sign eventMalaysian feng shui master Luo Yi Ming shares on the upcoming fortune for the Year of the Horse.
18 December (Wednesday),
He Yi Juan - Meet & Greet, Book-sign event
Malaysian feng shui master He Yi Juan shares on the upcoming fortune for the Year of the Horse.
18 December (Wednesday),
Deng Xiu Yin, Li Huihui - Meet & Greet, Book-sign event
Malaysian authors Deng Xiu Yun and Li Huihui shares their journey of writing their own books.
19 December (Thursday),
Chen Li Hong - Meet & Greet
Author Chen Li Hong shares insights and background to her latest book, 《花婆婆》.
19 December (Thursday),
Kachigo - Meet & Greet
Malaysian comic artist Kachigo will present live drawing demonstrations and engage the public with fun games.

19 December (Thursday),

20 December (Friday),
LULU - Meet & Greet, Book-sign event

Taiwanese yoga star LULU teaches you how to keep your body young and healthy through yoga moves.
21 December (Saturday),
Yang Hong Ying - Meet & Greet, Book-sign event
Chinese author Yang Hong Ying welcomes you into the universe of the children.
21 December (Saturday),
Huang Tong - Meet & Greet, Book-sign event
Huang Tong shares on how to change your fortune for the better, so long as you are willing to ‘change’.
21 December (Saturday),
Tang Li Qi - Meet & Greet, Book-sign event
A new year, a new start. Tang Li Qi will share with you fortunes for the upcoming year.

More Meet & Greet Sessions
13 December (Friday), 5.30-6.30pm
Jacky Tan – Social ‘M’
A professional writer, blogger, speaker, Jacky Tan, will be talking about brand building and positioning of company, from his latest book Social 'M'.
13 December (Friday), 6.30-7.30pm
Tiffany – Managing Finance Meet & Greet, Book-sign eventTiffany will talk about investment and finance management issues, as well as fan-sign her new book.

13 December (Friday), 7.30-8.30pm
Jim Rogers – Street Smarts
Well-known American Investor, Jim Rogers, who co-founded the Quantum Fund and retired at the age of thirty-seven, will be sharing about his latest book Street Smarts: Adventure on the Road and in the Market.

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